Motorbike Accident Attorneys in Florida – What You Need to Know

Motorbike Accident Law

Road accidents are basically inevitable, and often times, motorbike drivers are at a higher risk of accidents than other road users. Once an accident involves a motorbike, the motorbike driver is likely to be more injured than the auto driver. The motorbike driver therefore has greater need for a motorbike accident attorney.

There is more at stake for the motorbike driver with the magnitude of the injury incurred and the insurance companies out to minimize claims. But an experienced motorbike attorney will be able to assist the victim in winning the case. Once the accident has occurred, you need to assert your legal rights immediately and get the auto driver to take responsibility for the accident if the other driver was at fault.

Your rights as a motorcycle driver after an accident in Florida

Florida is home to a great number of motorbikes and naturally, the amount of motorbike accident is also high. You as a motorbike driver need to know what to do in the case of a motorbike accident in Florida.

Motorbike drivers are not required by law to carry the compulsory personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, unlike car drivers. Though a car driver can also own a motorbike, hence, a PIP insurance. However, the insurance does not cover motorbike accident injury.

If your motorbike accident was caused by a negligent party, you can hold them financially responsible for the injuries, damages and losses incurred as a result of the accident. The negligent party could be the driver of the other vehicle, government or its contractors, manufacturer of defective motorbike parts.

The motorbike driver does not need to prove that there is a permanent or life-altering injury before he/she can win claims to cover their injuries and losses.

You need a motorbike accident attorney

  • Your motorbike accident attorney’s first duty is protect your rights following the accident. Insurance companies and even the other parties involved in the accident may want to con you into early admission or other tricks. But your lawyer knows exactly how to handle them.
  • It behooves on your attorney to prove that the other party was negligent and that the negligence resulted in the injury
  • Motorbike accidents can be traumatic with terrible injuries, treatment of which may run into huge medical bills. Treatment may be long and harrowing. At this point, your motorbike accident attorney stands to assist you to win the commensurate compensation. It is the duty of your attorney to ensure that your compensation covers your medical bills as well as other losses while you are not disposed to do so.
  • Your motorbike injury attorney can go as far as hiring a Florida motorcycle reconstruction expert to perform thorough analysis of the accident. This will help form a clearer picture which is vital in winning the case.
  • Skilled motorbike attorney will know the proper process to follow and the best method to use in order to hold the negligent party liable in various ways. The attorney knows best whether the compensation should be won by filing claims against the insurance company, or filing a personal injury claim in court against the negligent party or agreeing to negotiation/settlement outside court.